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Premiere Customer Service & Support Events and Professional Services

Specializing in educational workshops, seminars, events and consulting services for Professionals in Contact Centers, Call Centers, Service Desks, Help Desks & Service Portals. Learn, share and synergize as a community of professionals using expert proven practices.

Great news! We are going to upgrade to a fresh new website.

I know what you're thinking.
"Well, about time.  I was getting tired of the resource pages looking like someone built them in the 18th century. And broken links - sloppy work there, Ivy."  

"Yes, it was me and I never bothered to fix it."

Well, we will have it fixed up in no time.

"Many things have contributed to my success and current career state, I thank HTHTS for taking a chance on me and giving me a platform to deliver a message on how to motivate and lead front liners, in Las Vegas a couple a years ago. You guys inspired me several years ago in D.C. and that has made a big difference in where I find myself today." 

 S. N., USDA Forest Service

"Ivy, thank you for the wonderful presentation at Starbucks. Important points to remember in communication with clients, business associates, family and especially good to keep in mind as I meet others in interviews! You are a great inspiration!"

- J. LeVeck

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