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Speaker Boot Camp
Speaker Boot Camp: Master Corporate, Public, and Sales Presentations

We're all on the “stage” at some point. Using advanced communication skills will have the greatest and most
powerful impact on your presentations. Enhance your communication and presentation skills and become a more
confident speaker and advance your career.

Recognize what distinguishes an excellent speech from a dry presentation

* Learn how to increase audience interaction
* Understand movement, appearance and positioning on the “platform”
* Learn what makes for excellent slide designs and what harms your message
* Hear key characteristics for the room setup (atmosphere, equipment, music, visuals, and distractions)
* Receive key handouts that include critical tools for your future
* Learn how the pros deliver unforgettable material

Boot Camp components include solutions to deliver powerful and influential messages:

* Design - Design PowerPoint slides that "rock"
* Platform - Own your platform and take charge of the room 
* Sound respectable and look remarkable in the board room or on the stage
* Technology - Speaker technology to enhance your delivery and make your message memorable
* Logistics - Facility layout for the greatest audience impact and engagement
* Surveys - Create surveys tailored to provide the most effective feedback to you
* You - Eliminate or reduce public speaking anxiety with your new found knowledge
* Earn money speaking - Hear a number of approaches, where to get gigs, and how much to charge

We are dedicated to helping you to successfully reach these goals and master your presentation delivery.  This
session is highly interactive, with optional practice opportunities numerous times throughout the day. You will be
inspired, educated and become more confident as a speaker. 

You will improve upon one of your most essential skills - Communication. Communicate like a master and
provide your audience their best experience. The training on slide design, handout ideas, and potential props will
help you deliver like a professional speaker.

"I had a wonderful time! You have inspired me to continue speaking and work on it as a career." - CG

The following example demonstrates the importance of having good oratory skills from the platform, the board
room and one-on-one:

Senior exec applied for a promotion for years. Here is what he learned:

"When he'd learned of these last two GM assignments, he'd also been told that he had a great future with the
company and that with a little “seasoning,” he'd be ready for advancement. He'd tried several times to get the
real scoop on why he hadn’t been promoted, only to hear vague comments about improving his
“communication skills” and demonstrating more “executive presence” and “leadership.” It seemed to him that
the company valued people who could look and sound good in the board room more than it cared about the
year-over-year results of proven performers like himself."

You will be exposed to communication skills to enhance your ability to speak "from the front of any room" with
poise and confidence.

"Ivy's years of real world experience as a speaker condensed into a one day seminar is perfect for the
professional and
non-professional speaker."  - ET

        We invite you to register to attend this informative workshop

Benefit of attending: This workshop delivers valuable tips and take-home examples of crucial speaking tools.
Attendees have said it was one of the best presentations they have attended for developing personal and
professional speaking skills.

We're all on the “stage” at some point. Using advanced communication skills will have the greatest and most
powerful impact on your presentations.

You will learn how to:

* Mold your content and technique to inspire your audience
* Improve your stage presence
* Gain healthy confidence in your presentation delivery
* Dramatically improve your ability to influence others through content and delivery
* Educate your audience to take action
* Design your slides for greater impact using images, gif files and more
* Learn unique tricks of the trade
* Boost your skills to sell your ideas and to close more deals

                    This special offer is only $499 for a full day of in-depth training.

Return on Investment:  You will leave this workshop with new skills for presenting, delivery and more, which will
accelerate your career advancement and could even lead to paid speaking gigs, more deals closed, or a
promotion. The business of speaking is a $122.3 billion dollar industry and growing every year.

We offer a 100% guarantee you will gain fresh knowledge and learn new skills or you get your registration fee
back in full. This workshop is developed for:

Individuals who want to enhance their speaking skills
- Executives
- Managers / Leaders
- Team Leaders
- Consultants
- Sales Professionals
- Trainers, workshop leaders
- Webinar speakers
- Professional Speakers


Setting the Stage - Meeting kick-off
Build (Essentials - Material - Content)
Design Slides, Props, Handouts
Lunch on your own
Technology (AV, Microphones, video, camera, remotes)
Room Layout
Your Communication Style
Own the Platform
Opening your Session
Engaging your Audience
Closing your Speech
Survey Templates for your Speeches (Examples provided)
Wrap up of the Day (Give-aways and Take-aways)

Social Dinner  (optional)

Practice sessions will be offered throughout the day.

"The content and tips were great. The friendly environment and interaction with all attendees was excellent."
- JL

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Bonus #1:  Complimentary autographed copy of Ivy's anthology book, "Success is a State of Mind" ($24.95)

Bonus #2:  Certificate of course completion ($1000 value - just kidding - however you do get a beautiful signed

Bonus #3: One hour of free coaching with a professional speaker with 35 years of corporate and professional
speaking experience.  Ivy has put on and spoken at events from 100 - 25,000 attendees. ($300 value)

"Loved the intimate setting and specific instruction. The material was rich with content" - LW

Meet the Speaker Trainer Professional

Ivy Meadors, a professional speaker for the past 35 years, has delivered thousands of presentations.  She ranks
consistently in the top 3% of speakers.  Her love and passion, aside from animals, is to share her knowledge with
others to contribute to their personal and professional development.

Her dynamic and charismatic imprint has been felt among Fortune 50 to Fortune 1000 corporations, U.S.
Government agencies, universities and non-profit agencies worldwide.

Ivy has developed a platform of excellence upon four pillars; psychology of leadership, customer service as the
lifeblood of businesses, multi-faceted communication techniques, and progressive deployment of specialized

Ivy is an active member of and professional speaker designated by the National Speakers Association and the
Global Speakers Federation.  Ivy co-authored “Success is a State of Mind", along with Deepak Chopra, Les
Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, and other brilliant minds.

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