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Designed Exclusively for Contact Center and Service Desk Professionals


The Signature Event is designed to teach call center and service desk professionals how to tackle the biggest challenges facing their operations.


Stepping into an enclosure with a wild animal requires courage. Among those who work with animals, they revere those who have the ability to develop a relationship with the animal, the boldness to learn, to trust, and to emphasize the time to get to know the animal.

Results-based material is designed specifically for leaders of contact centers, service portal organizations, and service desks. Beginners in the industry, and seasoned professionals, benefit from the level of advanced material provided at this event. You will learn advanced leadership techniques, gain valuable process knowledge, and hear innovative uses of technology.


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The Signature Event offers participatory, active, and engaging discussions including extended sessions for the deeper understanding of content. All speakers are industry leaders and managers of call centers and service desks.

From precious gems of industry business knowledge, to exclusive networking opportunities in structured Mastermind discussions, it’s about thinking bigger, being extraordinary, and settling for nothing less than being supremely ahead in the service and support industry.

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High Tech High Touch Solutions' goal is to offer educational forums, like the Signature Customer Service and Support Professionals Conference, to continually evolve the service and support aspect of business through leaders.


It is our hope that through this conference, participants can realize the importance of collaboration in leadership and the conference itself can be a stepping stone in providing a foundation of skill sets and thoughts which lead to meaningful change.




"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher." 

--Japanese proverb



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