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Featured Speakers

Brad Worthley

Speaker - Author
Customer Service, Leadership & Motivation

Ivy Meadors
Speaker - Author Technology, Generational Leadership, Thought & Executive Leadership

Program Agenda - November 4, 2014

 The Art of Service, Leadership and Technology

"Integrating the Science of Customer Service,
Technology and Leadership"


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“Exceeding Customer Expectations” 

Brad Worthley, Brad Worthley, Inc.


This session was voted one of the top two keynotes in the world by the Meeting Professionals International Association in 2011.


Businesses can no longer have the goal of meeting the customer’s expectations; the goal today must be to exceed them. What does that look like from the customer’s perspective? Brad will entertain you with great stories and hilarious examples of businesses that step out of the box and find ways to “Wow” the customer. You will learn about how customers create their perceptions of you, your employees and your business.


You will walk away with actionable information with which to make changes the very same day. This session is targeted to anyone, from any industry, at any level. Some of the topics covered will include:

·     - Three Customer Levels

·      - Creating Emotional Attachments

·      - Perception Becomes the Customer’s Reality

·      - The Three Levels of Listening

·      - Using Pedestal Words

·      - How People Judge Us


Brad Worthley is an accomplished business consultant with over 37 years of management experience. He is also an internationally acclaimed leadership, customer service and motivational expert who has trained hundreds of thousands of people in a wide range of industries throughout the world in the last 22 years. He has authored three books and produced numerous training videos and audio programs.


His client list contains some of the largest and most prestigious corporations in the world from a diverse range of industries. As an expert in his field, he teaches businesses of all sizes how to consistently build and retain both customer and employee loyalty by changing their culture and not just their people. He is passionate about helping organizations establish and sustain service cultures: This is a place where employees love to come to work and customers love to do business.


As a world-wide keynote speaker and trainer, Brad is always the highest rated speaker at any event he speaks at because his content is not only innovative and incredibly powerful, but delivered with passion, enthusiasm and humor. His presentations have been called “shows” by many and the attendees always ask “when will he be back”.



"The Human Element of Customer Service"

Tony North, RightAnswers


Exceeding customers’ expectations can be a challenge by itself, but add in technology and staff and you have the makings for chaos.  Learn how to navigate through each day while being prepared for tomorrow with ease.  Find innovative ways to build trust with your customers while empowering teams to want to provide great service.  Having the techniques to have significant impact to your success starts at the recruiting process.  


Know what you should know to be great.  Think ahead of your customer for the best service.  We will review tips on ways to reach out and touch your customers helping your team excel, and it starts with listening.  And, while many may shy away from complaints, complaints are the hidden jewel for continued improvement.  


The benefits you will learning include:                        


  - Managing good talent, what to look for and how to keep  

  - Ways to continually reach out to your customers              

  - Set the tone of customer service from the top down              

  - Build fun as part of your discipline to providing good service              

  - Be accountable to your customers  

  - Technology is great but communication is key to learn your customers’  needs

  - Stay ahead of customers and their needs

  - Preparation to avoid unplanned events


Tony North has held executive level positions in multiple industries building and managing service, support, and operations for Attachmate, FrontRange, Talyst and Ascentis Software.  


Eight years as the Director of International Technology for McAfee, a Fortune 500 company, he directed worldwide partners and distributors, and managed international technical support from the UK Office. Under Tony’s leadership he built a team to provide international services helping customers achieve their business goals and aligning new services like remote monitoring and annual service checkup's which improved the retention rate from 43% to 96% within two years.  One way this was done was by creating a new business model for hosted solutions.  He implemented a follow-the-sun model for support which provided the highest customers satisfaction scores for the company. 


Tony was the first Help Desk Manager for the Common Wealth Games in 1998 in Malaysia, helping to deploy technology and help desk management of teams ensuring the success of service throughout the games.  


Tony North, Director at RightAnswers, is currently responsible for building and managing domestic and global systems engineers, helping to improve the sales process by providing technical expertise in the sales cycle.  Tony North is the Director of Presales at RightAnswers with responsibility for building and managing domestic and global systems engineers helping to improve the sales process by provide technical expertise in the sales cycle. As a competent and encouraging leader Tony’s strength is enabling teams to far exceed expectations regardless of the type of operation being managed.


"How to Think Like a Thought Leader: Getting Inside the Mind of the Successful Leader"

Ivy Meadors, High Tech High Touch Solutions Inc.


One of the key team members to develop the first IT Help Desk in the world, with users on Microsoft Office, Ivy Meadors presents "How to Think Like a Thought Leader: Getting Inside the Mind of a Successful Leader".  


Not everyone may be a thought leader, but everyone can think like a thought leader and make powerful transformations in self and the organization by practicing the "Top 10 Characteristics of Influential Thought Leaders". The key is to understand the employment of thought leadership as an instrument to develop strategic positioning to differentiate and lead in the industry.   


Ivy's quick-paced delivery of the top 10 characteristics of influential thought leaders will entice you to embrace innovative and revolutionary ideas, as a means to empowerment. You will be stimulated with thoughts on increasing idea generation and decreasing work effort.     


Ivy has earned a stellar reputation as a thought leader and futurist, developing a platform of excellence upon four pillars; psychology of leadership, customer service as the lifeblood of the business, multi-faceted communication techniques, and innovative deployment of specialized technologies. She has over thirty-five years in service, leadership and technical support experience from the Bell System, IBM and working with over 30 Fortune 100 companies, as a consultant.


Founder and CEO of High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc., Ivy Meadors, shares her knowledge through speaking, consulting, coaching and mentoring, contributing to people's growth personally and professionally in business and in life.




"Transforming Corporate Culture with Customer Service"

Carla Corkern, Talyst 


When I became COO at Talyst – the CEO asked me to investigate our customer service issues because he was getting irate customer calls all day long.  I was new to the organization and set out to investigate. What I found will probably not surprise customer service professionals – the changes were easy to make. Unfortunately what looked easy on the service required a big change in corporate culture – a change that took more than 2 years and a 65% staff turnover to accomplish but ultimately transformed the company into an excellent customer centric organization.


Some of the topics covered include:

- Love the One Your With - Understanding the Life Time Value of a Customer to your organization

- Customer Acquisition Costs and the hidden cost of Customer Turnover

- Celebrating Customer Service Ambassadors

- Empowering people to do the right things

- Understanding the Data – root cause analysis, proactive call, top of mind topics

- Staffing – what they need to know might be a lot more than just your product/service

- Customer engagement and advocacy – engage your customers to help you move your market  


Carla Corkern has almost 20 years of experience in Science and Technology, and is currently Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Talyst, Inc. of Bellevue, Washington. Talyst is the leading provider of acute care hospital pharmacy automation software and hardware, and is building innovative systems to service long-term care facilities and correctional institutions.


Carla's experienced in many technology markets: Enterprise infrastructure & applications, EAI, corporate portals, knowledge management, content management, search technology, XML infrastructure technology, security/user management, , wireless/mobile apps, networking, groupware, personal productivity apps. 



The Technology Behind the Business

Ivy Meadors and Tony North


Remarkable leaders know the amazing potential of technology, and embrace the inherent ambiguity its leverage entails. They embrace innovative solutions and look for ways to reinvent the use of applications. You will hear about technology on familiar subjects and fresh topic areas.


In this fast-paced, interactive session, two of the earlier geeks in the service and support industry, Ivy and Tony deliver a potpourri of service oriented solutions that will excite you. Embrace these creative uses of applications, as a means to empower your team to provide superior customer experiences. You will hear  solutions to help gain the competitive advantage, improve management of customer relationships, and enhance communications.


Topics ranging from; bring your own device (BYOD) considerations, social media for knowledge management, push technology and customer relations, your next co-worker or trainer could be a robot, graphic recordings to distill complex information, interactive brochures as training documentation, vlogs, vooks and more.


Get ready to get geeked out on things you can put in place right away, most with low to no investment, and make a positive, direct impact on your levels of customer service.   


What you will learn:

  • - Fresh insight into the value of using vlogs, vooks, and social media mediums to supplement your Knowledge Management efforts

  •  - Key considerations for bring -your-own-device (BYOD) programs - "53 percent of employees are using personally owned technology for work purposes"

  • - Benefits from using graphic recordings for sharing knowledge, as training tools, and to distill complex ideas. (visual and auditory learning combined)

  • - Usage cases for Interactive Brochure applications for generating training tools, online documentation, etc.

- Bonus: Have you considered that your next co-worker or trainer could be a robot by a smart phone inserted into its “head”?


Take-away: Resource listing technology resources, tips and techniques, including innovative solutions for traditional systems like CRM, SFA, Telephony, etc., as well as numerous non-traditional systems.

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Featured Speakers

Tony North
Speaker - Author
Customer Service, Leadership & Technology

Carla Corkern
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board
Talyst, Inc.

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