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Complimentary Tele-seminars

High Tech High Touch Solutions offers complimentary tele-seminars presented by speakers who work in Contact Centers, Service Desks, are professional speakers, trainers or industry experts.
We use a gently facilitated format and often open the lines for discussions.

The only sales-pitch you will get on these calls is hearing about the opportunities to learn more from our expert speakers by attending one of our events.

There is a limited number of lines so be sure and call in early for the sessions.  We love hearing from you and invite you to email to send us any questions you may like to ask the speaker in advance.

Next one hour tele-seminar is December 8th, 2015

Select the registration link at the bottom of the session description to receive the call-in details.

TIME: 11:00 - 12:00 AM (Pacific Time)  /  2:00 - 3:00 PM (Eastern Time) 


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Social Media in the City of Greensboro: Embracing New Channels
Mary Jutte, City of Greensboro - Contact Center Manager

Learn how the City of Greensboro was introduced to social media (kicking and screaming), but has learned to embrace it as a tool to enhance transparency, reach a broader audience, and humanize government interactions.   

The City provides citizen service and support using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Chat, eService and other applications.   

Posted on the website contact center page - this is how to offer extraordinary customer service:  

Top Five Reasons to Call 373-CITY
 1) Real people! Every call is answered by a friendly, knowledgeable person.
 2) Flexibility! Customers can call, walk in, e-mail, or chat online with a staff person.
 3) Answers! Callers get help right away, often with no transfer necessary.
 4) Experience! The Contact Center has answered more than one million calls. It's easy!
     373- CITY is easy to remember and even easier to use!

Meet the Speaker

Mary has been the Contact Center Manager in Greensboro since 2003. She worked in the private sector as a Contact Center Manager since 1993 and prior to that, she was in IT Management  serving the contact center and fulfillment/distribution industry.    

Mary is a graduate of Bowling Green University in Ohio, is married to the best man on earth, and has two grown sons and a lovely daughter-in-law.  

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Motivation, Focus and Impact - Engaging Your People to Perform Under Pressure
Dan Diamond, MD

No slides were used

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The Challenges of Setting up a Contact Center in the Pentagon and the Cultural Challenges
Valerie Brown, Department of Defense

Valerie Brown, a Senior Management Analyst, in the Department of Defense at the Pentagon, is going to do a live interview with me (Ivy) on November 13th, 2012, to share insights into this environment.

This tele-seminar is a complimentary call on culture and building a contact center at the Pentagon that you won't want to miss.

Valerie was a speaker at the Government Customer Support Conference, delivering a presentation on "Creating a Positive Culture Shift". She literally knocked it out of the park. She is one of the industry experts on the topic of culture shifting.

Meet the Speaker

Valerie Brown is a program manager responsible for several programs at the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS). She began her career with the Department of Defense more than 20 years ago. In January 1997, Valerie took a position as a management analyst with the WHS where she has championed many new initiatives for organizational change and improvements. These efforts include strategic planning, organizational development and transformation initiatives, improved communication techniques and management workshops.

Currently, she is leading a team to accomplish the implementation of the WHS Corporate Reset, the agency's strategic plan. The updated plan focuses on delivering premier integrated services through increased efficiencies. Also, she is serving as the lead for the agency's Enterprise Customer Support (ECS) Initiative. In this role she manages two teams.

The ECS consists of identifying and validating requirements, conducting focus groups and initial implementation. Valerie's innate ability to communicate resulted in her selection with the Sierra Vista Herald, Sierra Vista, Arizona as business reporter where she interviewed business owners and prominent leaders in the community.

Prior to this position, she worked as a management analyst at Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland. In this position, she worked extensively with manpower requirements and commercial activities studies in addition to program management. Significant among her achievements was participating on the team responsible for the multi-million dollar program to plan and build the installation's first commissary. Valerie served five years in the United States Army as a commissioned officer; resigning as a Captain to spend time with and raise her  


How to Stay COOL When Things Heat UP!

Jan McLaughlin, Your Communication Connection

Have you noticed? We can’t change other people, we can only change ourselves.  But, by altering our actions and reactions we CAN influence the response we get from others. 

As a customer service or support professional, our overriding intent is to maintain a positive relationship with our customers—and receive a positive response from them.  It’s essential that we maintain our cool—even if the customer loses theirs! Why is this so difficult?  As Seth Godin says, “It’s our lizard brain. Your lizard brain is here to stay and your job is to figure out how to quiet it and ignore it.“

You’ll discover techniques to help you reduce your stress level by learning to coexist with life’s difficult people.  After this seminar, you’ll know how to:

  1. Employ the four essential factors in communication and avoid getting pulled away from your original, positive intent

  2. Explore how your tone of voice can escalate the situation or calm an upset customer

  3. Review the three keys to active listening—essential to reducing defensiveness     

  4. Isolate techniques to help you become less of a target for negative behaviors


Meet the Speaker

Jan M. McLaughlin, CSP is an expert in communication—spoken, written and visual.  She helps people discover how to positively influence the responses they receive whether they’re: 

  1. Leading a team or working with peers

  2. Motivating or giving feedback to staff 

  3. Serving clients, customers, co-workers or patients

Known for her sense of humor, Jan’s programs are loaded with practical information you can put to use immediately. She has earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation—the speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill. Fewer than 10% of the 5,200 members of the Global Federation of Speakers earn this designation.

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Kim Leifsen

"Employee Excellence! Define it! Acquire it! Keep it!"
Kim Leifsen, Business Insight Technologies

After working for a couple “Best Companies To Work For” and a few “not so best,” Kim realized that helping companies create an environment where top performing employees want to work is her passion.  From her recruiting assistant work in an internationally respected investment and wealth management firm to starting and leading a Human Resources department in a locally owned and operated distributorship, Kim has gained the knowledge and expertise to help you analyze current systems and employees for effectiveness and create new employee management programs to go from “good to great”.

By helping you to attract and hire "Best in Class" employees, and create an environment where employees want to work and can be productive, Kim will assist you in creating a highly successful organization that ranks as a “Best Company To Work For”. Top performing employees will be looking for you; you won’t need to look for them!

Kim will add tools and techniques to your hiring process that will transform it from an art to a science so you can predictably hire top performing people every time. Results? Substantially reduce your turnover and exponentially increase your productivity.

A graduate of the Pacific Lutheran University School of Business, Kim’s work and leadership experience includes companies like The Frank Russell Company, Almond & Associates (Executive Search Consultants), and City Beverages/Olympic Eagle (Budweiser Distributor). She has successfully consulted with companies like Precor, Moss Adams, Burkhart Dental, Isernio Foods, Brighton Jones and National Financial Partners, to name a few. 

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"Shop Talk"
Facilitator: Ivy Meadors, High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc.

Grab your lunch, or a snack, and join us for a "Shop Talk" (aka Mastermind) tele-seminar session. These are some of the most favored sessions at our conferences. The in-person Shop Talk meetings we have held, outside of our conferences, have filled up in a matter of 3 hours. I thought it would be fun for everyone to participate in a facilitated, interactive "Shop Talk" session on a tele-seminar.  

Details to join this one hour, complimentary tele-seminar will be emailed to you when you register.  Again, there is no cost to participate but there are only 100 lines available, so be sure to register early. 

If you have a question you would like answered, or a topic you would like to hear more about, please send a quick note to me at We will try to get as many questions answered, and topics covered that are requested, that can be discussed in 60 minutes. If this goes really good, we will do another one to answer the outstanding questions.  

Please plan to share answers and ask questions, on this live interactive call. This could be one of the most useful hours you have spent on a tele-seminar, in a long time, or at least one of the more entertaining. We look forward to "Talking Shop" with you.

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Meet the Facilitator

With over thirty years of experience, in customer service and technical support, Ivy Meadors has developed a platform of excellence upon four pillars; the psychology of leadership, customer service as the lifeblood of businesses, multi-faceted communication techniques, and progressive deployment of specialized technologies.

Ivy Meadors, founder and CEO of High Tech High Touch Solutions, and  the Customer Service and Support Professionals (CSSP) organizations, shares her knowledge through speaking, consulting, coaching and mentoring; contributing to people's growth personally and professionally in business and in life. Her dynamic and charismatic imprint has been felt among Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 corporations, U.S. Government agencies, Universities and non-profit agencies worldwide.
"Performance Coaching: The Missing Link to Agent Effectiveness"
Connie Smith, Clarity Health Services

Did you know that companies who have implemented coaching programs are 50% more likely to have lower turnover, achieve 27% greater profitability and have 56% higher customer loyalty? Coaching has become one of the most important drivers of agent effectiveness within the contact center yet many have not allocated the time or resource to develop and implement a well thought out program.

An effective coaching program is not as simple as selecting someone to conduct side-by-side sessions to discuss "done well's" and "do betters." There is much more to it then that. A coaching program should be a daily routine that is welcomed by all and is integrated into the lifecycle of your contact center. You've developed a training program, implemented a quality monitoring program, now it's time for you to focus on the missing link to agent effectiveness, a performance coaching program. 

Come to this session and learn:

- The guiding principles that every coaching program must own.
- How to turn statistical transactions into human interactions.
- Best practices in coaching to quality monitors, metrics and behaviors.
- How to get to the root of performance issues - Is it because they can't, won't or don't know how. 

Meet the Speaker

Connie Smith has been involved with service center operations in various roles for more than 20 years. She leveraged her cumulative experience running multi-channel global contact centers and became an industry subject matter expert and consultant working with world-class centers such as Southwest Airlines, Safeco, Staples, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Nike, Best Western, Nationwide, Oakley and Alaska Airlines.

During the course of her career, she has written over 50 articles and white papers and has spoken to over 100 audiences worldwide including such conferences as Call Center Demo, BAI Smart Tactics, Call Center Summit, Contact Center Strategy Forum, Quality Assurance Training Connection, Call Center Network Group, New Brunswick Customer Contact Center Industry Association, International Association of Reservation Executives, Incoming Call Center Management, International Quality and Productivity Center and National Conference on Operations and Fulfillment offering her practical experience as a contact center leader and consultant.

Today, Connie is currently the VP of Service Operations for Clarity Health Services, a secure, Web-based service that simplifies and streamlines care coordination while maintaining privacy, quality, and cost-effectiveness. It's also a catalyst for accountable care across the community.

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