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Insights, hints, tips, and resources for service and support professionals, given in the spirit of sharing information in a quick-read, content-rich newsletter. "People Serving People in the Service and Support Profession."

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Piñatas at a staff meeting?


Holiday Shopping Bonus

Manage procrastinating behaviors and reduce your workload



SAVE $400 if you sign up by December 2006:

The 6th Annual Government Customer Support Conference and Expo
May 7-9, 2007
Alexandria, VA

9th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo
October 22-24, 2006
Phoenix, AZ

  Customers Share

"All speakers were very knowledgeable and willing to spread their wealth of knowledge."

Fred Melanson
Navy Fleet

"What I liked best about the conference was the networking with people and the open discussions in the classes."

Rob McDonald
Time Warner

"I really enjoyed the leadership keynotes and the variety of offerings. Well done!"

David Hansen

"I liked the intimate setting.  It was very easy to interact with speakers and fellow attendees. Loved the thumb drive!"

Kevin Schmaltz
ACE Hardware

"Feel assured that we will be back at the HDP conference as I believe it to truly be the best format and size for learning."

"The speaker lineup is always top-notch and your staff continues to do a wonderful job of taking care of all of the details through-out the event."

Neil Stewart
Director of Technical Operations
QuikTrip Corp



Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Peggy Gritt and I did some serious de-stressing with some wonderful people at the the 8th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo. The event was a great success. Attendees made many new friends, fully experienced San Antonio, and gained a wealth of new and valuable information.

One of the intriguing insights at the conference was the amazing lessons learned about the leadership of people from the study of horse herds, specifically the behavior of the the lead mare toward her herd. Our keynote speaker, June Gunter, touched people in an unexpected way.  People stressed how much they enjoyed learning some fresh non-traditional ideas about leadership.

Daryl Covey and my niece, Corissa Meadors, showed the attendees a way to de-stress too.  Theses two like-minded people who bring fun into any event bought piñatas, filled them with candy and gifts; including free conference passes, books and more then hung them from the chandelier in the Grand Ballroom. They gave the attendees a stick and a rope. Whack!  People were diving in every direction for the goodies.  It was a blast!

Hmmm, how about hanging a piñata at your next staff meeting?  What an excellent ice breaker and opportunity to get some good laughs.  Include a free conference pass to one of our events, and coupons for free books and DVDs along with the edible goodies to stimulate more involvement.  Other things to include in the piñatas might be a coupon to go to lunch with an executive, buy pizza for the team, movie passes, or coffee coupons.

Until the next issue of eSharings, may you find ways to relax and reduce the stress in your life.  Be sure to keep reading eSharings because we're keeping the future issues packed with useful information. 

Happy Fall Season,

Ivy Meadors
High Tech High Touch Solutions

www.ivymeadors.com or www.hthts.com



P.S. In support of our goal of sharing useful information, Peggy Gritt is giving you a 5 Minute VoIP Guru Guide A NON-VENDOR PERSPECTIVE ON VOIP FOR EVERY CXO OR DECISIONMAKER.

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"Get an Early Start on Your Holiday Shopping."

3 Ways to Reward Your Top Performers Plus a Bonus Option

1. Give your team members conference passes for 2007 to HDPC and or GCSC for as little as $2100.00 each which includes an estimate for travel and expenses.

Give out 2007 conference passes to attend the 6th Annual Government Customer Support Conference and Expo (GCSC) or the 9th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo (HDPC).

Reserve seats to GCSC before December 1st and HDPC before December 15th and save $400.  The investment for these 2007 events, including an estimated $1500.00 for travel and expenses and the conference pass would be about $2100.00 - $2800.00 for each if you sign up before these dates.

If you want to send people to both events, email Christine@hthts.com and we will give you an even better deal.

This is an incredible way to recognize your staff members plus they will be getting a wealth of information to bring back to make positive and measurable change in your service and support groups.  They will receive:

  • New ideas and fresh material

  • Proven solutions

  • Handouts, templates, and or resources

  • Education, education, education

  • Personal introductions to others and facilitated networking opportunities

2. Sign your staff up to receive our newsletter, eSharings.

Readers will receive free hints, tips and resources 2-3 times per month.  They will get useful ideas to improve their skills personally and professionally. They will also get traditional and non-traditional ideas to improve service and support efforts.

3. Books, books, books:  Give books - one of my favorite gifts to give and receive (hint)!  A few titles to consider include:

  • 101 Ways to Promote Yourself (Get Ideas to promote your organization.)

  • Hardwiring Excellence

  • Business School Essentials for Call Center Leaders

  • Why Fish Fly

  • Leading at a Higher Level

Bonus: Join the largest call center / help desk non-profit association in the United States.  Get meeting notices, special discounts, learn of job openings and job candidates, and receive hints, tips and resources at absolutely no cost. www.nwccp.com

Procrastination Contributing to a Back-log in Your Workload?

This is one of those traits that bites me every once in awhile - OK more often than I would like to admit.  When I was managing a Help Desk, I found it very easy to put perceivably less critical tasks aside to do later, but those tasks pile up quickly. 

Help Desk and Contact Center representatives can get into this same situation with the number of requests coming in.  Let's face it - the work load is not going to decrease and the tasks are not going to stop, though we may get occasional slow times to do catch up work.  We must keep the list manageable or we will feel an increase in stress. It's easy to get so overloaded that you actually stop working on ANY of the tasks that are piling up.

When you are in control of your environment and your workload, you are much more productive and calm.

5 Ideas to manage your workload and reduce procrastination:

1. Change your mindset and carefully assess if the task is really necessary.  If you don't do it what would the result be and will it make a difference for the business or not.?  Not everything has to be done.

2. Perfect is not always necessary for all work efforts.  Good is good enough.  It is easy to write up a process, an email, or fill out a trouble ticket then re-read it for proofing and end up making edit after edit.  If you read anything over and over, you will find better ways to write it.  Write it, if it's good enough, send it and move on.

3. Delegate the task.  There are often others to give the task too.  Consider using your children, or your neighbor's children  to help with data entry, sorting piles, labeling envelops, typing up emails, etc.  We use the daughters of the hair dresser next to our office to do miscellaneous work for us.  Though young, they love the feeling of having a real job that pays.

4. Make up your mind.  People tend to put things off because they can't make up their mind how they want to do the task.  They may think there are numerous other things to be done to complete the task when sometimes those other things do not have to be done to get the task at hand completed.

5. Analyze why you put things off. People don't want to do a task that they find undesirable or seems to be too much of a hassle.  Consider if you are just being lazy.  Reward yourself for completing these tasks.  Take yourself out to lunch or get a latte when you complete the icky jobs.

"Make change for good."
Visit my friend Scott Sulak's, website and access loads of invaluable information
www.changeforgood.comThe resources will offer solutions to improve or adjust many different behavioral traits.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. - Charles Darwin


Here are a few resources to help you with procrastinating behaviors:

  1. www.getmoredone.com/tips2.html

  2. www.procrastinatorhelp.com/stop-procrastinating.html

  3. www.entrepreneur.com/startingabusiness/startupbasics/article159820.html

  4. www.cio.com/leadership/leadership/martin/column.html?ID=25981&source=nlt_cioinsider

  5. Book: Break the Procrastination Habit...Now! by William J. Knausskip to next title

  6. Book: The On-Time, On-Target Manager: How a "Last-Minute" Manager Conquered Procrastination by Kenneth H. Blanchard


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