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What is eSharings?
What are HDP and GCS Previews?

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eSharings is High Tech High Touch Solutions' exclusive content-rich newsletter offering current insights, objective advice, and resources for service and support professionals, given in the spirit of sharing information.

Our newsletter will help raise your awareness of industry best practices, technology considerations, as well as culture and people considerations, by providing useful support industry information.  Issues include recommended books to read, web resources, and other key considerations that will contribute to your personal and professional success.

We welcome your ideas and contributions to our newsletter, published worldwide.  Please email us future topics you want to know more about, ask questions or share resources and ideas.

Subscription Information:  Simply click this link to auto generate an email.  Your email is sufficient for being added to our database, but should you like to include your name and contact number it is appreciated.

Some of our favorite pieces included in our eSharings newsletter


Are You Doing the Blog Yet?

Be Fully Present and Focused

Embarking on the Change to VoIP

What is First Call Resolutions

Explore your Options

Embracing Change

Gain Optimal Value from Your Contact Center

What is the Driving Force that Motivates you?


Call Handling

Knowledge Management


HDP and GCS previews
Conference previews loaded with content from our speakers and vendors

Reading an advertisement for a conference should contain material that makes it worth your time to open and read.  So each week, sixteen weeks prior to our conferences, we will send Preview notices that include hints, tips, and resources shared by our featured speakers and vendor sponsors.  Each Preview will be placed on our website for viewing as a future resource for you.

If you can't join us at our events, at least we can offer you information that will contribute to your personal and professional development and hopefully we will see you next year.

Visit to read all of the HDP Previews.  Sign up now to receive your own personal copy.

GCS Previews will be starting at the end of February 2006. Visit to access the articles.

High Tech High Touch Solutions' Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: We are very aggressive at protecting your privacy.  We don't rent or lend out our email lists to anyone for any reason, nor do we send unsolicited email.  You can remove yourself from our list at anytime using the unsubscribe link in every email correspondence you receive from us.

CAN-SPAM ACT:  SPAM is a serious concern to all subscribers, which is why we adhere to the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2004.  If you would like to know more about SPAM, visit

White List:  Some email services require you to have our email address in your contact list or 'White List' of emails you will accept.  If this applies to you, please put our email address:,, and the domain on your accepted list.


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