The 7th Annual
Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo

The Leadership Conference for Management Help Desk Professionals

October 26-28, 2005

The Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California

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HDP Preview #1
Featuring Eric Chester & Pink Elephant

HDP Preview #2
Featuring Brad Worthley & Front Range Solutions

HDP Preview #3
Featuring Mary Kay Wegner & Courion

HDP Preview #4
Featuring Eric Rabinowitz & Funk Software

HDP Preview #5
Featuring Pete McGarahan & Funk Software

HDP Preview #6
Featuring Donna Holt
& ICMI / CMP Media

HDP Preview #7
Featuring Rick Joslin
& CRM Advocate

HDP Preview #8
Special Edition

HDP Preview #9
Featuring Malcolm Fry
& Oracle

HDP Preview #10
Featuring Dru Phelps and BenchmarkPortal

HDP Preview #11
Featuring Char LaBounty and Interactive Intelligence

HDP Preview #12
Featuring George Spalding and STI Knowledge's educational division

HDP Preview #13
Featuring Patrick Bultema and BMC

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Association of Support Professionals

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Contact Center World


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High Tech High Touch Solutions offers one of the most content-rich Help Desk and Service Desk conferences available.  Our goal is to revolutionize the service and support business by sharing a wealth of information on industry best practices through people, process, information, and technology.

The Leadership Conference for Management Help Desk Professionals

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Reading an advertisement for a conference should contain material that makes it worth your time to open and read. So each week, prior to the conference, we will send an HDP Preview notice that includes hints, tips, and resources shared by our weekly featured speaker and vendor sponsor.

Each HDP Preview will be placed on our website for viewing as a future resource for you.  After the conference, you will see HDP Reviews of learnings from the conference. My personal goal is to share information, and pay it forward, because so many helped me when I was a Help Desk practitioner.

If you can't join us this year, at least we can offer you information that will contribute to your personal and professional development and hopefully we will see you next year.

Please do look me up in San Diego at HDP 2005.  I love to see old friends and make new ones.

Ivy Meadors
CEO, High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc.
Chair and Conference Owner

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Contact us with any questions: email or call 425-398-9292.

High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc.


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HDP Board Members

Ivy Meadors
High Tech High Touch Solutions

Mary Kay Wegner
City of Redmond

Andy Reeves
VP of Technology
High Tech High Touch Solutions

Annie Reimer
Attendee Sales
High Tech High Touch Solutions

Bill Price
Key Contributor
Driva Solutions

Brad Worthley
Leadership Track Chair
Brad Worthley Intl.

Brenda Iniguez
ITIL Track Chair
Pink Elephant

Christine Cameron
Executive Assistant
High Tech
High Touch Solutions

Daryl Covey

Dave Stockwell
Audio Visual Technician

Dru Phelps
People Track Chair

Lisa Prendergast
 Program Director

Pete McGarahan
Key Contributor
McGarahan and Assoc.

Zoe Stamolis
Vendor Sales
Parker Services


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