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"We strive to make you FEARLESS in the face of change. In today's support environment, instinct alone is not enough. Knowledge is imperative to survival.

That's why we've developed our FREE resources, your key to success in the service and support wilderness."

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This section includes items applicable to our industry plus professional & personal growth.



This section includes associations beneficial to our industry or personal development.


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“Learn how to revolutionize your business by successfully turning your call centers, service desks, and help desks into strategic corporate assets, using proven success principles and tools.”

This list of resources is provided in the interest of sharing information with the contact center and help desk communities of practice.

Each category includes weblinks to a variety of different resources relative to the specific area of notation including software, white papers, articles, books, tapes and CDs/DVDs, consultants, professional services firms, and other similar resources that will contribute to your area of interest.

There are many websites that provide lists of resources for our industry. Our list contains many of those listings, as well as non-traditional resources not listed in other websites.

We invite and encourage you to submit resources to include in this list that will help others in their service and support efforts. Simply email us at to share your suggestions. We appreciate a link exchange and a short note included in your newsletter to market our site. We will provide the text.


Disclaimer Our website contains links to sites on the Internet, which are owned and operated by third parties.  High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc.™ is not responsible for the content of any such third-party site.  A resource included in our lists does not imply a recommendation.  Sources are simply intended to provide a resource that may contribute to your work efforts, or personal and professional development.

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