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Transforming Lives Through a Better Understanding of and
Effectively Communicating with Different Generations

At our recent Signature Event, the 9th Annual Customer Service and Support Conference, held in Phoenix, Arizona, we heard the statement, "Your raised them, now manage them."

Mentors in your life can offer positive inspiration to your success and contribute to building the foundation for the journey.  I am fortunate to have had numerous wonderful mentors throughout my life.  It is important to me to share my knowledge and experiences with others. My goal is to be a exceptional mentor and contribute to building the foundation for the journey of others.

"You can influence lives for a lifetime of success by building the foundation for the journey."

- Ivy Meadors

Resource listing of YouTube video clips on the Generations plus other tidbits of information.

Millennials (13 - 27 years old)

Referred to as:

  • Gen Y

  • Internet Generation - iGeneration

  • The Now Generation

  • Generation D (D for digital)

  • Net Gen (Net Generation)

  • Generation

Gen X (28 - 42 years old)

Referred to as:

  • Gen X

  • The 13th Generation

  • Post-Boomers

  • Slackers

  • Baby Busters

  • The Generation After

Baby Boomers (43-61 years old and the largest generation)

Referred to as:

  • Baby Boomers

  • The "Me" Generation

  • War Babies

  • The Love Generation

  • The "Doom" Generation

Silent Generation (62-82 years old)

Referred to as:

  • Silent Generation

  • The Beat Generation

  • The Sandwich Generation

  • The Frugal Generation

  • Leading-edge Boomers

  • The Depression Generation

Builders (83-106 years old)

Referred to as:

  • Builders

  • G. I. Generation

  • The Dying Generation

  • The Greatest Generation

  • The Veterans

Note: The age ranges noted above are defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.  Some people vary these age ranges slightly with a 1-4 year age difference in their estimations.

General Resources for All Generations

Books on Generations


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