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February 2007 - #3

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Complimentary Tele-seminar - IRS Call Center


New DVD by Brad Worthley

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One of our readers read the recent eSharings newsletter on "change" and sent us the note below  plus numerous resources that he felt others would find useful. If you missed the issue, visit the website  www.hthts.com and select newsletters from the nav bar.

His note reminded me that In one of the facilitated discussions, during the help desk consolidation project at US West Communications where I was part of the changes coming to fruition, a senior manager threw a book across the room at one of the other people on the team. There were some very strong words exchanged as well. The level of pain and emotions in the room was beyond words. Change is emotionally hard on most people.

In the ongoing interest of sharing information, we hope the resources Russ has included will offer other resources and tools to help you embrace change in your own life. I found this particular source from his list right on the mark - Guide to Change Management in IT. The online videos on reactions to change are interesting too.

Thank you Russ, for sharing this information and for being one who enthusiastically shares information for others to benefit from.

* * * * * *

Excellent and timely (for me) topic, Ivy! Emphasizing the connections among change, stress and physical illness is especially welcome, as I know I sometimes forget how my own health fits into change efforts in the work I do.

I've been struggling with the always challenging human components of Change in my recent endeavors to implement process improvements (ITIL and ITSM) at an International organization. It certainly always looks manageable on paper: the PowerPoint slides, ITIL Bluebook, or MS Project Gantt Charts, for example. But once we roll-up our sleeves and get to work I'm always reminded that real change is always about and works through people. I remind myself that this is what I ultimately get paid for.

Appreciated you sharing your personal history (aka "herstory") with regards to change and your career. It's always nice to hear the first-hand accounts of dealing with -- nay, taking advantage of -- change. It's about recognizing the "tipping and inflection points" and having the courage, skill and luck to leverage them into success.

I've included some of my favorite change-related resources.


Russ Hatfield

Here is a condensed list of the resources Russ shared with us. In the full version of this newsletter posted on the website, many more links are included.

RESOURCES: Organizational and Industry Change
The Key to Dealing With Change
Few can do it. Few can sustain it. Few can survive it.
Your Job Is Change
The Three Keys to Change
Bob Knowling's Change Manual
Levi's Changes Everything
Field Guide for Change
The New Science of Change
Guide to Change Management in IT

Online Videos Change Reaction from the Frontline, from CNBC Europe


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"I would absolutely love to speak at any/all of your events - I'm in awe of the quality and content of each of these great conferences (and I've attended enough "other" conferences to know a real winner/loser when I see one - and yours are REAL WINNERS). "

"Keep up the great work,"

Greg Charles, Computer Associates (CA)

COMPLIMENTARY TELE-SEMINAR - Mark your calendar for April 4th, 2007 (top)

The session is filling up fast so if you haven't RSVP'd please do so today.

yolunda davis and Deborah Eaton from the IRS call Center present how they built a collaborative culture through employee engagement.

High Tech High Touch Solutions is now offering complimentary tele-seminars presented by speakers of our upcoming conferences. This session will be presented in its entirety at the Government Customer Support Conference in Alexandria in May. Yolunda and Deborah have loads of good info to share on this call but much more will be presented in the live interactive session at the conference.

Date:  April 4th, 2007

Time:  10:00 AM (pacific time) / 1:00 PM (eastern time)

Call in number:  (563) 843-5600  access code 724326#

Cost:  None


Please RSVP: Simply email solutions4u@hthts.com to say you will be joining us.  There are a very limited number of lines and this session will fill up fast.  We send follow-up emails with additional resources to those who attend the call.

Session Description:

There is one thing that plagues most businesses - CHANGE. The ERC is the single point of contact for all IRS employees to request administrative products and services. We have morphed from a Call Center to a Customer Service site. There has been no significant turn over in employees. How did we do it? Two words, Employee Engagement.

In this seminar, you will see how change was effectively managed through building a culture that emphasizes individual skill. Employees expressed a need to modify the work distribution system. As a result, employees were empowered to develop a solution that addressed both their concerns and management objectives. The new process not only met the immediate needs of the employees but it increased productivity.

Benefits of attending:

  • Learn how to use collaboration and influence to maximize operations
  • Hear how employee driven solutions lead to increased productivity
  • Discuss negotiations strategy to gain union support
  • Tips on building an employee engagement program

Meet the Speakers:

Deborah Eaton has 32 years of IRS experience, in administrative services, help desks and taxation. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Memphis, and a Masters of Science in Management from National-Louis University in Chicago.

Yolunda Davis has over seventeen years of experience as a Management Analyst, has been a part of the IRS Employee Resource Center from it’s inception in 2001. Yolunda holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alabama in Birmingham.


Most of you know Ivy is an environmental and animal activist.  This information is shared in the interest of hoping everyone can take action and make a difference in caring for our planet. 

High Tech High Touch Solutions does not mail out conference brochures to huge mailing lists because we want to demonstrate our belief in doing what is better for our earth's valuable resources.

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The world's forests are feeling the strain as global paper consumption has increased 74% since 1980. The U.S., with five percent of the world's population, consumes 30% of the world's paper. Bulk mail accounts for 5.2 million tons of waste each year.

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Our website features a form that will generate letters for you to print out, sign, and mail to marketing preference organizations. You can find this form here.

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If only 1,000 of us succeed in halving our personal bulk mail, we will save 170 trees, nearly 46,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, and 70,000 gallons of water each year.

The 6th Annual Government Customer Support Conference and Expo

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Come to Alexandria, Virginia early and enjoy tours of the local area and be refreshed, ready to start on Monday morning to begin three full days of learning about the help desk, contact center and service portal revitalization underway. Book your hotel room now to get the super reduced room rate.

On Tuesday night, join Daryl Covey, the conference chair on his infamous tour of the area. These are always memorable occasions for everyone. Take advantage of the specially designed post conference programs. Attend the brand new managers course, Unleash the Leader Within: A Better Way to Manage Customer-Support Operations, designed by two of the most advanced educators in the support industry. The half-day post conference, Another Kind of “Smart”: Using Leadership Quotients to Get Real Results is a can't miss session too. Read more.

Reserve a spot on the exclusive site tour of the Unified Communications Center on Wednesday, after the closing session. The site is billed as one of the premier facilities of its kind in the nation. There are only 10 spots left on the tour so hurry and sign up now. Email GCS@hthts.com to make your reservation. (The site tour is only available to conference attendees.)

Mix and mingle with your colleagues at the networking events, including participation in the ever popular Mastermind discussions, form new relationships, and return with advanced skills and tools to apply to your own environment.

* * * * * *

Whether you’re an experienced hand or new to the world of service and support, the conference addresses a wide range of issues important to our field—working with constituents, creating effective communications, undertaking change, working with the end users (customers) and more.

Today's body of knowledge in our community of practice is diverse, distributed, and fluid. We all must learn together and from each other across support types and between levels of Government in order to best serve our customers. The barriers which previously separated help desks, call centers, web sites, and other types of customer portals, as well as Federal, state, and local levels, from each other are evaporating quickly as we mature into the culturally interconnected 21st Century paradigm for supporting customers in the public sector.

The annual Government Customer Support Conference is the only event which brings together the full diversity of support types across all levels of Government to give you the full vision needed to effectively support Government's customers today -- and enable you to support them efficiently across all contact channels tomorrow. We're building this year's program by carefully seeking the major issues which drive your world and screening experts to address them at a level which will enable you to serve your customers effectively and efficiently. Regardless of what type of support you provide, and whether your customers are internal or external, you'll find this a priceless opportunity to learn from both peers and industry experts.

Join us on an exclusive site tour of Washington DC’s
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Billed as one of the premier facilities of its kind in the nation, the UCC brings together for the first time, Washington DC’s emergency, non-emergency and public-service call-taking and dispatch functions in a single location, using a unified voice and data communications system. It also house’s the city’s regional interoperable wireless communications and control infrastructure and serves as the regional command and control center, supporting federal agencies and 18 Virginia and Maryland municipalities, in the event of a regional emergency.

Email GCS@hthts.com to reserve your spot for the tour.


Unleash the Leader Within: A Better Way to Manage Customer-Support Operations

Brand new course for service and support managers loaded with fresh material for the advanced professional being unveiled at the 6th Annual Government Customer Support Conference and Expo.

Eric Rabinowitz of Dema Education and Eric Svendsen of SCInc., two of the most insightful, knowledgeable and fun instructors in the Help Desk industry will be delivering this two-day course at the Government Customer Support Conference and Expo on May 10-11, 2007 in Alexandria, VA.

Details posted here.

Hurry and sign up now - only 10 seats left!

Mark your calendars now for the
9th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference

October 22-24, 2007 in Phoenix Arizona at the incredible Pointe South Mountain Resort

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“Creating a Service Culture in a Call Center or Help Desk”

In live seminar format, Brad provides you with the tools to be able to create and sustain a service culture in a call center, service desk, or help desk world. The DVD covers powerful listening skills, cultures vs. programs, pedestal words, motivators and de-motivators, and how the customer perceives and judges us. (60 minutes long.)

Regular Price $197, this month only $50.



Reader Asking: What is the specific formula used to calculate annual turnover?

Reader Answering: Penny Reynolds, industry expert in workforce management answers


The calculation is a very simple one. It’s simply the number of people that leave compared to the total number of positions. So if 80 people leave a 400-seat call center, the turnover rate is 20%. Since staff levels go up and down for some businesses, take the average number of headcount each month to look at average staffing levels, as illustrated in table below. In this example, turnover rate is 54/81.5 or 66%.

The tricky part is segmenting and examining the turnover to do root cause analysis. You’ll want to analyze internal (stay with company) vs external (leave the company) turnover and voluntary vs. involuntary turnover. Look at turnover by team to see which supervisors are better at keeping staff. Review by call type and skill to see if something here is causing particular stress or not being compensated enough.

You’ll also want to examine the stage at which people are leaving – is it right after training, or once they hit their stride after 6 months, or after burnout after two years? It’s also useful to look at what segment of staff are leaving – top performers (a problem!) versus the worst performers (not so bad).

* * * * * *

To get more invaluable information from The Call Center School visit their website. Penny Reynolds's has authored / co-authored some incredible books loaded with resources. We stand behind the recommendation of these books because they are that good.


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