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Ivy Meadors
Host and Producer
High Tech High Touch Solutions

Lisa Prendergast
VP, Conference Manager
High Tech High Touch Solutions

Mary Lou Blakely
Key Contributor

Greg Charles
Key Contributor

Daryl Covey

Ernie Hayden
Key Contributor
Port of Seattle

Judy Hogan
Key Contributor

Donna Holt
Help Desk Xlence

JJ Lauderbaugh
Key Contributor
Lauderbaugh & Assoc.

Rick Nichols
Key Contributor
Western Washington University

Bill Price
Key Contributor
Driva Solutions

Seanna Sams
Audio Visual
Dept. of Social and Health Services

Dave Stockwell
Audio Visual

Brad Worthley
Key Contributor
Brad Worthley Intl.



Insights, hints, tips, and resources for service and support professionals, given in the spirit of sharing information in a quick-read, content-rich newsletter.

In this Issue:

-- Sharing - The Frontline Should be Paid Six Figure Salaries

-- Resources - What Horses Can Teach Us About Leadership

-- Subscription Information


"Get a Free Reality Check from BenchMarkPortal.com
see how below."

"What I find most valuable (and most enjoy) about eSharings is that it covers such a spectrum of things -- a wide variety but all related and mutually supportive: humor to ITIL to stress management to VOIP to leadership to call center technologies. Always informative. All great stuff!"

- Russ Hatfield


GCS Conference and Expo 2007 - Save the Date:
The 6th Annual Government Customer Support Conference and Expo will be held in Alexandria, Virginia, May 7-10, 2007.

"HDP 2006 is Featuring 5 Incredible and Unforgettable Keynotes"


June Gunter - Leadership and Horses; If you are looking for a revolutionary approach to developing leadership, here it is! These experiential programs focus on developing
 "Who You Are" as a leader.

"Take a Step Beyond...." Mike Rayburn, "The World's Funniest Guitar Virtuoso"

Developing Young Leaders - Keynote Panel of Generation Y Individuals

Brad Worthley - Outstanding Leadership in a Service Culture

And saving our favorite industry speaker for the closing, the one and only Malcolm Fry wraps-up the week with one of his memorable keynotes.


See the content-loaded program details here.

HOT HOT - There are only 25 rooms left at the hotel for HDP 2006.  Call Tammy Logsdon at 210-222-1234 on ext. 4108 to get one of these last rooms.  You must reserve your room by Monday.

Note: The HDP 2006 special room rate at the Hyatt Regency is $179.00 per night, a savings of $180.00 off the regular room rate of $359.00.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

ITIL, ITIL, ITIL!  It seems to be on every IT organization's list. There is an unknown number of newsletters, websites and Blogs talking about it.  In fact, when I searched for "ITIL" there were 21,300,000 hits.

High Tech High Touch Solutions understands how important ITIL is to organizations.  We want to make sure you hear about ITIL from people in the industry who understand it in-depth and have applied the disciplines.  We also want you to hear from people who are working towards, or have successfully moved to the focus of offering the services of a Service Desk versus a Help Desk.

Pete McGarahan,  one of the top 10 industry legends is presenting the ITIL Service Management Foundations certification course, at the 8th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo in San Antonio, September 25-27, 2006 (www.helpdeskconference.com). Brenda Iniguez, Greg Charles, and Donna Holt are also presenting a wealth of information at the conference on the topic of ITIL.

Just for fun, I did a Google search on "what is a service desk".  An article in a Blog on the website connect.educause.edu includes a list of 61 components that make up a Service Desk by their definition. The first 21 are listed here for you.

I think the list on this website forgot to include; psychologist, coach, mentor, trainer, counselor, customer service rep, sales rep, actor, baby-sitter, nag, and comedian.  The Service Desk staff must have traits including patience, humor, tact, empathy combined with skills in trouble-shooting, an understanding of behavioral styles, and incredible listening skills.  They often must be multi-lingual, understand different cultures and age generations. Their writing skills must be good for recording data accurately while under high-pressure typing and talking simultaneously and must keep calls short and the answer rate fast, with no calls in queue. Oh yeah, and they have to have technical skills and expertise in specific applications and products to support whatever the users call about.

And how much are they paid to work in the Service Desk?   NOT ENOUGH!
Seems to me this is a job that deserves a six-figure salary.

From the Blog on the connect.educause.edu  website the following components of a Service Desk are listed:

 An ITIL-based Service Desk

1. Provides a single point of contact (SPOC) for customers and users

2. Facilitates the restoration of normal operational service

3. Solves most incidents

4. Is the front door for other IT departments

5. Deals with many customer queries without needing to contact specialist personnel

6. Follows up calls originating from within the IT organization

7. Detects incidents

8. Verifies the details of a caller and their IT resource (also called a configurable item, or CI)

9. Handles all incoming calls and only escalates them to the second or third tier support when necessary

10. Engages in activities supporting standard processes

11. Informs users about the supported products and services to which they are entitled

12. Maintains the contacts with customers through promotion of, and providing information about, IT services

13. Supports the provision of the services that have been agreed by guaranteeing access to the IT organization

14. Acts as a filter that only lets call through to 2nd and third-line support where this is actually necessary

15. Always acts professionally when dealing with users

16. Ensures that users do not have to search endlessly for a solution

17. Ensures accessibility of the IT organization

18. Is consistent and efficient in all customer contacts

19. Serves as the main source of information to users

20. Provides information about new and existing services, provisions of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and order procedures and costs

21. Responsible for contacts with maintenance suppliers

Click to see the other 40 items and read more on this posting.


So again, I ask, how much SHOULD Service Desk people be paid?

I hope Service Desk and Help Desk Technicians soon receive the pay they are worth, for what they are, one of the corporation's greatest assets. Businesses can't effectively offer their products and services without a great Frontline.

Help Desks that are sourced offshore will find it difficult to fully become this asset, at least not in the near future. It will take time to understand the American population and their service and support needs. We're complicated, expect a lot and have a very diverse culture. We also do not fully understand our own needs yet, to be able to ask someone else to do it for us.

When you read the list above, you can see how hard it would be for an offshore company, nearshore, or onshore to offer these services effectively without the proper training and exposure to other successful companies. 

If you join us at 8th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo you will gain many of the tools you will need and hear proven success stories from large to small Help Desks who are focused on becoming Service Desks.  Our speakers are not presenting the "same old stuff" either.

It is time to focus on how we can do the best possible job to service customers by appreciating the true value of the Frontline. Businesses will realize improved efficiencies, increased productivity, and reduced costs when they acknowledge the value of the Frontline and apply the necessary resources.

A great big thank you to everyone who works in the Frontline! You deserve more appreciation and pay than you get, for what you do, and now even more that you are going to be a Service Desk Technician.

Until the next issue of eSharings, may you find ways to do the impossible with inadequate resources, no budget and too few resources. Come to San Antonio with us and learn how others have remedied these situations using their imagination, innovation, and proven strategies.

"Thank a Frontline Tech Today!"



Ivy Meadors
High Tech High Touch Solutions

www.ivymeadors.com / www.hthts.com



P.S. Will you join me in San Antonio for the 8th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo in San Antonio, September 25-27, 2006? Sign up here!


Send your managers to the 8th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo so they can understand the key factors to guarantee successful operations are designed and incredible service is delivered by your corporate asset, the Frontline.  You will not hear the same old thing at this event.  We are going to ensure you get the tools you need to move your team to the next advanced level of support.

BenchMarkPortal.com offers our Readers a RealityCheck!

Through HDP, you will receive a FREE RealityCheck at www.BenchmarkPortal.com. Simply enter your current data using promo code DRU for an immediate Performance Rating (valued at $500),

Meet Dru September 27 in San Antonio to have a ‘hands on’ review and track YOUR measurable difference.

 DruPhelps@BenchmarkPortal.com or 805 331-6284.


The 8th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo

“Celebrate with the Legends of the Help Desk Industry and join the
Round-Up of Top Leaders in the Help Desk Profession"


Our attendees say that HDP is the most in-depth,
highest quality Help Desk conference available.  The intimate setting makes for maximum networking and educational opportunities. Speakers include:

Pete McGarahan, Char LaBounty, Malcolm Fry, Penny Reynolds, Patrick Bultema, Daryl Covey, Brad Worthley, Bill Price, Donna Holt, plus speakers from

Microsoft, Starbucks, REI, FAA, DSHS, CA, FrontRange, and others.

Check out the content-loaded program details.

Will you join us in San Antonio and be part of the exclusive group who join top leaders in our industry for these in-depth educational sessions, and take-home templates, handouts, and loads of resources, plus a flash drive with all of the presentations pre-loaded?

We invite event partners (sponsors) to join us and make a contribution to the exclusive community of practice at the 8th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo

Email HDP@hthts.com now.


What Horses Can Teach Us About Leadership

In a herd of horses, the lead mare sets the direction and pace of the herd. The lead stallion keeps the herd together and protects them from predators. For a herd to be confident in their leaders, they must know four things:

  • First, that the leader is paying ATTENTION and can detect even the most subtle shifts in the energy or environment.

  • Next, the herd must be confident that the leader can give them clear DIRECTION.

  • Also, that she or he will follow that direction with focused ENERGY, providing them guidance on the pace (i.e., walk, trot, canter) with which to respond to those shifts.

  • Finally, the herd must trust the CONGRUENCE of the leader’s inner and outer expression.

  • In other words, the image the lead mare presents to you and who she is inside are the same. The herd must know that lead mare has their best interest as her source of motivation.

Source: http://teachinghorse.com, Dr. June Gunter's website, Keynote speaker at the Help Desk Professionals Conference in San Antonio.

Horses and Leadership Resources

  1. Article written by June and leadership as witnessed with a pack of hourses - http://teachinghorse.com/journal.html

  2. Book: Horse Sense for the Leader Within : Are you leading your life, or is it leading you? Ariana Strozzi, CMSC

  3. DVD: Horse Sense for the Leader Within : Are you leading your life, or is it leading you? Ariana Strozzi, CMSC

  4. Savvy Leadership: The Horse Whipsering Way: http://www.speakersofnote.co.za/list/horse_whispering.html

  5. Horse Sense for Leaders: http://www.pdesigns.com/horsesense/index.html


Have you signed up yet to attend? Because if you haven't there are only a few weeks left to get the early bird discount and the phenomenal hotel room rates we have arranged for you.  Check these rates out.

The HDP 2006 special room rate at the Hyatt Regency is $179.00 per night, a savings of $180.00 off the regular room rate of $359.00.

The special rate for Government employees is $96.00 per night or prevailing Government rates. This is a savings of $263.00 off the regular room rate.

Please see the detailed program.  You won't want to miss out.


We hope you enjoyed this edition of eSharings. Feel free to reprint this newsletter in its entirety with our copyright information intact.

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our motto: "whatever it takes!"

The 8th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo

September 25-27, 2006
Hyatt Riverwalk,
San Antonio TX

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 at HDP 2006

HDP 2006
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"Feel assured that we will be back at the HDP conference as I believe it to truly be the best format and size for learning."

"The small session size and the personal networking and discussion opportunities with the leaders of the industry are priceless."

"The speaker lineup is always top-notch and your staff continues to do a wonderful job of taking care of all of the details through-out the event."

Neil Stewart
Director of Technical Operations
QuikTrip Corp

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Be ready to laugh out loud.

Mike Rayburn Keynotes at HDP 2006. in San Antonio.


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