Produced by Ivy Meadors, the team at High Tech High Touch Solutions and the indispensable HDPC Board members


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The Signature Customer Service and Support Professionals Conference


"Explore Your Options: Service Desks and Contact Centers come together to share and learn proven solutions."




"Described as one of the most unique & educational service and support conferences
in the world."



You should be part of this unique experience because you will leave with a fresh way of thinking.

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Conference Board Members

CSSPC aka HDPC is “the people’s conference”.  The program is designed by the people for the people.   We involve our board from start to finish; use input from the surveys from the prior year's event and are always asking others for input to the program, event details, and activities outside of the event. 

We believe in providing educational and enjoyable experiences with people who want to develop unique skills or utilize existing ones. High Tech High Touch Solutions invites individuals to get involved in the production of our conferences.  We want people to have the opportunity to experience an opportunity like this.  They will make a substantial contribution to the industry.

The members or the team receive either a free or significantly discounted conference pass for their contribution to the work efforts.  They are given much recognition in honor of their commitment.  What they have told us is they build tight relationships with the team and get incredible opportunities they would not otherwise have had.

The board members are the primary staff at the conference to ensure you have an incredible experience. The Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo's are delivered by volunteers and a handful of paid employees.

Many of the positions for 2007 have been assigned. Please contact us at if you are interested in discussing being added to the team.  We will be looking for members with expertise that will be beneficial to the team.

The team is made up of the following individuals:

  Ivy Meadors
Host and Producer
High Tech High Touch Solutions
  Lisa Prendergast
VP Conference Management
High Tech High Touch Solutions

  Dave Stockwell
Co-Chair and Audio Visual
  Daryl Covey
Co-Chair and Operations
  Michael Callahan
Key Contributor
  Judy Hogan
Key Contributor
Federal Aviation Administration
  Donna Holt
Help Desk Xlence

  Rick Nichols
Help Desk Manager
Western Washington University
  Bill Price
Driva Solutions
  Andy Reeves
VP of Technology
High Tech High Touch Solutions

  Seanna Sams
Department of Social and Health Sciences



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