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The Signature Customer Service and Support Professionals Conference


"Explore Your Options: Service Desks and Contact Centers come together to share and learn proven solutions."




"Described as one of the most unique & educational service and support conferences
in the world."



You should be part of this unique experience because you will leave with a fresh way of thinking.

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Would you like to have your products and services marketed at a targeted Help Desk conferences for top leaders in the industry? The 9th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo is just the event to get this exposure. The conference will be held at the Pointe South Mountain Resort in Phoenix, Arizona, October 22-24th, 2007.

Vendors and practitioners are all part of the service and support community. To that end, we’ve developed a culture at our conferences that is not the typical "them" vs. "us". The Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo has designed a program for everyone to feel part of an event without bias to vendor, consultant or practitioner.

We feel strongly that all vendors should have an opportunity to sponsor an event with such an extremely targeted audience made up of key decision makers.  We want you to become an integral part of this community. So we are offering an a la carte selection of opportunities to make it easy to participate in the event. There are sponsorship opportunities from $500 - $6,000 so everyone can find something that will fit their budgetary requirements.

This is not your typical Expo Hall venue - we create a community of practice with loads of opportunities to build strong relationships.  The display opportunities are Kiosks set in the General Session room and main Foyer.  You have an extraordinary opportunity to be seen by all of the attendees throughout the conference.

We limit the number of event partners having tables/kiosks to guarantee the maximum exposure to the attendees. Be sure to sign up early to get one of these exclusive opportunities to gain exposure to the decision makers of major companies and government agencies.

Why Sponsor

The Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo, in its 9th year, has been rated by the attendees as one of the most content rich conferences having the highest overall quality of speakers covering the major aspects of service and support.  We deliver a targeted event in this space focused entirely on the educational and networking experience for our attendees. Our attendees come back year after year, demonstrating their appreciation for an event that is worth their time and investment.

The 9th Annual Help Desk Professionals Conference and Expo represents an incredible opportunity for your company to directly connect and form intimate relationships with decision-makers as they make critical purchasing decisions on service and support solutions for their organizations.

At our recent HDPC conference, over 80% of our attendees were decision makers, and the rest were influencers.  You can't miss with this opportunity if you get involved yourself and participate in the activities, including our evening get-togethers, breakfasts at the Mastermind sessions and during the lunches and reception.

What will be done to create a blended community and increase your exposure

We believe that when vendors participate in sessions they will improve their product and service offerings through a better understanding of the attendees' needs. Vendors who attend our conference sessions will be better able to serve our attendees and the industry.

Vendors who sponsor the event, investing a minimum of $3000, may have one staff attend any and all sessions at no extra cost. For larger investments, a higher number of staff attendees is available. All vendors may attend the Mastermind Sessions and Keynotes. If they have purchased the appropriate sponsorship, vendors can lead a Mastermind discussion group.

We will also enthusiastically help you arrange for a user group meeting onsite. You must let us know in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements, publicize the meeting if possible, and be sure the details are posted when people arrive.

Attendee mentors will make a "soft" introduction to potential prospects should an attendee ask who they should speak to for a specific need.

Maximum exposure to attendees will be afforded with a reception and lunch held in the expo area. There will be designated time periods for one-on-one time with the attendees who have an interest in your products and services.

Vendors are asked to respect attendees and not sell to them in the Mastermind or breakout sessions or other inappropriate times. We ask that you honor and respect their desire to experience the event and not be made to feel uncomfortable. Our experience is vendor participants honor and respect this request so we have few concerns that the line will be crossed.

How to get involved

The sponsorship opportunities described on the detailed exhibitor prospectus provide easy and cost-effective ways to get your company name and image noticed by the many key-decision makers attending the conference.

Check out the variety of proven sponsorship opportunities to increase your visibility and impact designed to accommodate any budget.

Please contact us today calling 425-398-9292 or emailing at to sign up for the best sponsorship option for your company.

I am excited to have you be one of the exclusive sponsors and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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