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The 7th Annual Government Customer Support Conference and Expo

April 28-30, 2008
Alexandria, VA

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“Today, January 23rd, 2008  is my 50th Birthday!

I'm not even close to over the hill, I just reached Base Camp. Now I'm going to acclimate briefly, then on to the Summit! .

Success is a state of mind and a positive attitude will drive you to succeed.  If we think of every challenge as an opportunity we will be in a better state of mind and also in better control of our lives.  I could feel old and start thinking about retirement or I could think about the next new phase in my life.  I'm taking the upside and going for the top.  Opportunity prevails!

Every call into a help desk or contact center can be treated as an opportunity to make a good service impression, to meet a challenge when turning around a complaint, or simply to offer sincerely appreciated knowledge to one unable to resolve an issue.  If we think of things from an opportunity standpoint it will change the state of mind to one of success and delivering great service.  We cannot control the complaint or issue, but we can control our approach. Taking control of our reactive nature reduces stress and this increases the opportunity for success.

Please enjoy these sites describing ways to encourage success and tips to prevent you from de-motivating people:


On a slightly different note:

I am passionate about psychology and leadership. Much of this stems from my love of and work in help desks and call centers.  In my opinion, some of the best unlicensed psychologists work in service and support centers.

Think about it - most people call to get the solution to their problem; they're emotional, mad, sad, frustrated, or really super p___d off.  The best individuals to handle these unpredictable callers are those with extraordinary people skills having the ability to be empathetic, calming and deliver the solution the caller needs.

You're going to find the updates we added to our Generations webpage useful.  See where you fit in the age ranges and see what your generation is known for.  The information on the webpage and the weblinks should help educate your team to understand who they are working with in the different age groups.

Understanding the behaviors of different generations will contribute to better success communicating with others and becoming a stronger leader.

Check out the Generations page here:

You will also enjoy the resources on our leadership webpage: "Using Advanced, Proven Leadership Techniques to Change Lives and Transform Businesses."


See you at the Summit!

Ivy Meadors
High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc. or

Office: 425-398-9292

"Do it! Move it! Make it happen! No one ever sat their way to success." --Unknown

"Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success." --Napoleon Hill


The 10th Annual Customer Service and Support Professionals Conference and Expo announces their 10 Year Anniversary!

It will be our biggest and best event ever.

We're pulling out all the stops to make it the most educational and memorable event
you may have ever attended.


Date: September 28 - October 1, 2008

Location: Loews Coronado in San Diego -

Extraordinary and Unique Opening Keynote:
Dan Stockdale, the Tiger Guy and he will be bringing a 350 pound tiger onstage with other animals to teach about building relationships and trust as a leader.

Save the Date on Your Calendar Now.

Recommended Reading

I just came across three wonderful books and just had to tell you about them.



 The 7th Annual Government Customer Support Conference and Expo
April 28-30, 2008 - Alexandria, VA




Leaders of help desks, contact centers, web service portals, and other customer touch points for Government's internal and external customers get together yearly at our annual Government Customer Support Conference and Expo (GCSC) to learn, share, and synergize as a community of practice!



Excellence Awards Program

Travel and Hotel Information

Reserve your seat now (email or call 425-398-9292) or register online.

 Be sure to visit our Government Customer Support Conference website for more details.  We look forward to seeing you in Alexandria, Virginia in April 28-30, 2008.

Job Openings


Cardiac Science is looking for four dynamic Sales Support Specialist to join their sales team in Bothell, Washington.  The positions are base salary with a bonus/commission structure.  Contact Cathleen Poissant on 425-246-6710 and tell her you read about the openings in eSharings.


Real Networks in Seattle will be posting a position for an IT Specialist in February.  Keep an eye on their website for more information.


The Washington Department of Social and Health Services has an opening for:

  1. Social Services Provider Readiness Manager: Phase 1 Provider Readiness manager will transition to their permanent role after Phase 1 post-stabilization. We will be hiring a Social Services Provider Readiness Manager to partner with the readiness teams during the remainder of phase 1. This will allow time for significant knowledge transfer required of this role.

  2. Readiness Coordinator: This position will support the readiness managers and leads of Communications, BPR/Transition Planning, Organizational Metrics, Training, and overall readiness. There are significant activities and events planned for 2008 and this position would be responsible for overall coordinator of these events.

Send your online application to The close date for these positions is February 1st, 2008.


Job Candidates


There are three incredible Help Desk / Call Center Managers available for work.  Two are in Seattle and one is in Connecticut.  With respect to their privacy, their names and contact information is not included here but if you email we will help you make contact.  They are not interested in relocating.

Industry News

CMP Acquires Think Service, Inc. - The Leading Membership Association for IT Service and Support Professionals

MANHASSET, N.Y. and COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Jan. 23 /PRNewswire- FirstCall/ -- CMP, a media, marketing solutions and services company serving the technology industry, today announced that it has acquired Colorado-based Think Service, Inc., including HDI (formerly the Help Desk Institute), the world's largest membership association for IT help desk and service management professionals and the premier certification body for the industry.

Press Release Here

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